The Real Cave of Ashab’e Kahf

note: Following resources has been taken from the Book of
[Surah al Kahf and the Modren Age]
Shiekh Imran Hosein

 Abū Darda reported that Allah’s Messenger said,

“If anyone memorizes the first tenverses of Sūrah al-Kahf, he would be protected from Dajjāl.”(Sahīh Muslim)

“He who among you will survive to see him (Dajjāl) should recite over him theopening verses of Sūrah al-Kahf.” (Sahīh Muslim)

The Orignal Cave from the famous Tale of People of Cave from Quran[ Chapter 18 V(9-22) ]

“He who recites three verses at the beginning of al-Kahf would be protected from thetrial of the Dajjāl.” (Tirmīdhi)

Abu Sa’īd al-Khudri reports that the Prophet said:

“Whoever recites Sūrah al-Kahf onJum’ah (i.e., ‘Friday’ of the pagan world) would have illumination from the light (ofthe Sūrah) from one Jum’ah to the next. (Nasā’i, Baihaqī, Hākim)


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