A Leap Forward

I am a web developer and developing website from about 5 Years. The projects. i started off as a desktop developer for .Net and later on moved to web development. I have been involved in many Offline and Online projects including web applications for intranet and corporate websites. Along side with web development i continued with my passion in designing with led me to the field of front end engineering and almost felt in love with it.I am knowledge hungry, self starter, self motivator.

There are many online websites which provides the services of freelance work like oDesk and Elance. What i feel the only problem i face in these services is that we have to waste a lot of time preparing proposals to get the job rather than focus on the quality of work to the consumers. We waste a lot of time competing with each other rather than learning from them. Then i came across Toptal, which looks promising in providing quality work without the hassle. We apply on there website. They take our information and then put us through an initial screening test. logo-9e7f5c5a7e212a6b2d5f8a2bb0ea3e1f

Toptal initial  screening process is what got me. They actually qualify us as experts rather than we self proclamations. We get see who are the best in the business. They call us and also give us tasks to test us. The competition seems to be tough to get pass by initial screen, but i am excited to get the green flag once they assess my skills and tag me as a professional designer.

It acclaims that they have a policy of

Hire the top 3% of freelance
CSS designers.


the group Toptal CSS designers group provides some promising exposure which will help in finding some quality work.



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