Typographic Analysis on Google, Microsoft & Apple’s website

Every wondered why the text on the websites like apple looks good, well here the secret. It’s all in the ratio. No, it’s  not the golden ratio of 1/3rd or 1.1618 but there is the ratio for calculating the Heading with its sub-heading.

Now how can we use the given ratio in our design based on the following designs? it is simple we just divide it to get the value of the object.

heading size/ ratio = subheading font size.

for example: If heading for Microsoft is 62pt then sub-heading will be 62pt/ 3.4444= 18.0000 pts.

now use it and create some cool website or print designs based on apple, google and Microsoft designs


Heading: 62pt, Subheading: 18pt

Ratio: 3.4444



Heading: 56pt, Subheading: 26pt

Ratio: 2.1538



Heading: 45pt, Subheading: 28pt

Ratio: 1.6071