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Migrate Drupal’s Website Database to Production Server(Web Server)

Article i found that was posted on : http://groups.drupal.org/user/66522

It helped me i was wondering it could help others so here it goes!

Mysql data migration to production Server via FTP

Mysql data migration to production Server via FTP

After numerous trial and error, I think I’ve gotten this process down fairly well migrating a local WAMP site to a live server.

  1. In WAMP, go to phpmyadmin find your database -> click on privileges -> then add an additional username and password with “granted all privileges” on localhost server for that database
  2. On your live webserver create a MySQL database with the same name as your localhost database
    -add the same new username and password as in step 1
    -associate the new username and “grant all privileges” for the new database
  3. Check consistency of clean URLs (I’ve done this a few times the WRONG way)
    -if your WAMP ocalhost site has clean URLs enabled – make sure to DISABLE CLEAN URLS, just for now
  4. Go back to WAMP localhost site phpmyadmin -> select the database you’re migrating -> click the export tab -> highlight “sql file” and click go
  5. FTP transfer the latest version of Drupal Core -> FTP transfer your WAMP /sites folder into the fresh install /sites folder on the webserver, overwriting everything inside the /sites on the webserver.
  6. On the live webserver, go into phpmyadmin -> select the database your created in step 2 -> click the import tab -> browse to find the exported WAMP sql file in your computer -> click go

That should be it! Since the WAMP and webserver databases have the same name, same username and password with all privileges, there is no need to alter the settings.php file.