Truth Unrevealed: Real Imhotep

Imhotep The Real Face

You may know this Character as disturber of Peace and the Resurrected Mummy from the great block buster movie called as THE MUMMY. Yes the same character which was brought back to life by archaeologist in the first and some priests in the second to cause a havoc in the modern world and the story goes on, but after some of the research work i did, I came to know some of true perception about this Dangerous Creature which was made a villian of the society by spreading the Movie fever.


Imhotep like in the movie was a preist of the highest immense who served the paraoh directly and was a powerful mind behind the Egyptian economy and grand Architect  but the truth which was not mentioned in the movie was that Imhotep was not a villan but a great leader of pharaoh dynasty.The most Striking truth about Imhotep was that in the era of Polytiest Religion of Gods in the Egyptian Era, Where every one was so involved in believing that there are more than one god and every miracle is caused due to some existence of God who is specialized in that field like God of fire, God of water,God of Sun,God of Stars and Allah Knows whom and of Which Kind.Imhotep was the one who started to believe in the concept of ONE God Existence and try to practice the Monotheism of God. For which he was sentesed the horrible of all the deaths which can be seen in the Movie.Imhotep was a great leader and head of the egyptian Treasury and Wealth, Food Court, Architeture and possibly all of the major Sectors.Imhotep was the One whos services made the river Nile to flow back to egyptian lands so hence the called Master of Irrigation later he also master the Art of Medicine and was named as the father of Egyptian Medicine . The most straggering truth about the work of Imhotep was that He was the Grand Architect behind the Concept of Sloped Pyramids that can be visualized in Cairo called as the Pyramids of Giza. So why he was sentenced to horrible of all the deaths is still a mystery! as i mentioned above that he started to believe in oneness of God in his own kind of way and wanted the others to believe, so a belief of such kind by a position of high Leadership was a threat to the reign of the Paraohs and could led the change in the dynasty of the Paraohs.Paraohs Concidered them selves as Gods and even Proclaimed that the flow of water and the green Trees of the Gardens were because of blessings from them.Why do you think that Allah has so much rage for the Paraohs, The proof can be found in many chapters of the Holy Quran. As the history passed on the truth faded away, and till Now the truth still remains hidden on why he was killed and on what caused the death occured.Some Say due to his Concept of beliefs that He was an extra trestrial being in form of a Human some say he was delusional many stories are made over long Passage of time.Every one has the right to cast an opinion so this was my opinion.it may get differed as the research goes on but for till know this is the story of one of the Forgotten/Fallen and Mislead Heros of the Modren architecture ,Medicine and Irregation, The Real face of Imhotep!



Love for rasool of Allah

If the Prophet Muhammad visited you just for a day or two;

 If he came unexpectedly I wonder what you’d do. 


Oh! I know you’d give your nicest room to such an honored guest; 

And all the food you’d serve to him would be the very best;

 And you would keep assuring him, you’re glad to have him there;

Is beyond compare. 


But… when you saw him coming,

would you meet him at the door with arms outstretched in welcome to your visitor? 


Or… would you have to change your clothes before you let him in? Or hide some magazines and put the Quran where they had been? 


Would you still watch X-rated movies on your TV set? 

Or would you rush to switch off before he gets upset? 


Would you turn off the radio and hope he hadn’t heard?

 and wish you hadn’t uttered that last loud nasty word? 


Would you hide you worldly music and instead take Hadith books out?

 Could you let him walk right in, Or would you rush about? 


And, I wonder… if the Prophet spent a day or two with you

, Would you go right on doing the things you always do? 

Would you go right on saying the things you always say?

 Would life for you continue as it does from day to day? 


Would your family conversation keep its usual pace And would you find it hard each meal to say a table grace? 


Would you keep up each and every prayer, without putting a frown? 

And would you always jump up early for prayer at dawn? 


Would you sing the songs you always do and read the books you read?

 And let him know things on which your mind and spirit feed? 


Would you take the Prophet with you Everywhere you plan to go?

 Or would you , maybe, change your plan just for a day or so? 


Would you be glad to have him meet your very closest friends?

 Or would you hope they’d stay away until his visit ends? 


Would you be glad to have him stay for ever on and on?

 Or would you sigh with great relief when he at last was gone? 


It might be interesting to know the things you would do

if the Prophet Muhammad, in person, came to spend some time with you. 


I wonder…


The Real Cave of Ashab’e Kahf

note: Following resources has been taken from the Book of
[Surah al Kahf and the Modren Age]
Shiekh Imran Hosein

 Abū Darda reported that Allah’s Messenger said,

“If anyone memorizes the first tenverses of Sūrah al-Kahf, he would be protected from Dajjāl.”(Sahīh Muslim)

“He who among you will survive to see him (Dajjāl) should recite over him theopening verses of Sūrah al-Kahf.” (Sahīh Muslim)

The Orignal Cave from the famous Tale of People of Cave from Quran[ Chapter 18 V(9-22) ]

“He who recites three verses at the beginning of al-Kahf would be protected from thetrial of the Dajjāl.” (Tirmīdhi)

Abu Sa’īd al-Khudri reports that the Prophet said:

“Whoever recites Sūrah al-Kahf onJum’ah (i.e., ‘Friday’ of the pagan world) would have illumination from the light (ofthe Sūrah) from one Jum’ah to the next. (Nasā’i, Baihaqī, Hākim)